Kabaja Irreecha  bara 2014 fi Qophii gargaarsa OMN,

Fulbaana/September 13, Stockholm

20140913_111406[1]  IMG_23652525105680[1] 20140913_120205[1]IMG_23642629301133[1]          IMG_0954IMG_0955          IMG_0963IMG_0958          IMG_0971IMG_0974          IMG_0969IMG_0997          20140913_114832[1]IMG_1010          IMG_1039IMG_1013          IMG_1043IMG_1012          IMG_1051IMG_1061          IMG_1050


Oromo Demonstration in Stockholm -May 9, 2014 , In Pictures:

20140509_120506[1] 20140509_135539[1] 072


Irreechaa in Oslo, 2009, In Pictures:




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